Trace Elements

May 2013

A new media performance that deals with multi-dimensional and interactive paradigm of personal identification – how we create and enact our personas, how we are perceived, and how the external world affects and is affected by the act of creating our identity. In this intermedial work, the technical processes of creating and viewing the video images mirror these multi-dimensional processes of identity.

‘Trace Elements’ was performed at both the 2012 CanAsian Dance Festival and the 2013 CanAsian Dance Festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Trace Elements 2012
Choreographer: Susan Lee
Media Artist: David Han
Performer: Keiko Kitano
Dramaturg: Elizabeth Langley
Composer: Edgardo Moreno

Trace Elements 2013
Choreographer: Susan Lee
Media Artist: Covalence Collective (Sine Wave, David Han, Lex Moakler, Raveesh Nagpal)
Performer: Takako Segawa
Composer: Edgardo Moreno

Source: David Han & Susan Lee